07 July 2021

Release: Udarniy zeH - Post-game colony

Style: ambient

A new story about a post-game colony undergoing rehabilitation in large regimental colonies from our good friend Vitaly Doronin from Moscow.

Pleasant listening!

12 February 2021

Release: qodobop - The Last Winter In My Life

Style: experimental, dark ambient, drone

2 very very long tracks of brooding and disturbing ambient from our best friend Venko Chemishanov aka qodobop from Hisarya, Bulgaria.

Is it a very sad release title in my opinion or is it a look into the future? Who knows...

Enjoy listening!

29 February 2020

Release: qodobop - Dangerous Move Beyond The Wall Of Fog

Style: experimental, dark ambient, drone

2 incredible and unexpected tracks album from our old friend Venko Chemishanov aka qodobop from Hisarya, Bulgaria.

24 November 2019

Release: Speechless - Ruins

Style: ambient, dark ambient

10 tracks album from our new friend Evgeny Smirnov aka Speechless from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Pleasant noise ambient with unexpected live instruments.

06 August 2018

Release: M.V.O.Project - Free Falling / 8:15

Style: ambient, electronic

New single from our old friend Vladimir Manuylov aka Qwasar/Trinity from Krasnodar, Russia.

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