[OTR058] Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens - Sulphur IV

Date: 2009-08-08
Style: dark ambient

Sulphur IV


  1. Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens – Invocation (14:55) [~35.84 Mb]
  2. Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens – Self Ignition (20:47) [~49.92 Mb]
  3. Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens – Resurrection (36:15) [~87.04 Mb]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~153.35 Mb]

Dedicated to dead and passion.
Recorded in summer 2009 @ Mbira World Studios v.05 by Seetyca
and @ Watershed Studios, London, Canada, by Etheocles Stevens.

Seetyca plays: e-maschinen, samplers, voices.
E. Stevens plays: samplers, synths, bullroarer, flute and khen.

String samples played by the Oregon Origo Orchestra. Vocal passages sung by the Bedford singers.
Recorded by Etheocles Stevens.

Mixed by Artin Mucht.


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